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House maids (Care Taker) service in abu dhabi

Al Amana have been helping thousands of families in finding their perfect maid since 2010. We provide Trusted House maids for your house needs. If you need a best and fast house maid feel free to contact us.

We can provide any nationality house maids but most recommended is Philipino. House maid is a very important part of house. Our maids are responsible and respectable who will shine your house.

We provide house maids for part time and full time. As you need you can hire. we have children care takers maids also these maids are different from cleaning and other working maids if you need to take care of your children when you are not availabe in house.

Maids Service in Abu Dhabi

More and more busy professionals are opting for renting house maid services in Abu Dhabi,Dubai, UAE. This has the twin advantage of paying for only the hours you need the work and also not worrying about all the formalities of hiring a house maid.
What is even more important is getting a satisfactory and peace of mind. We at Al Amana see an opportunity here to render professional service to make sure homes can hire house maids with peace of mind in the UAE. Visa regulations, language barriers, cleanliness, security etc. are major concerns for homes when hiring a house maid. These worries can be effectively tackled by dealing with a professional company that understands these problems that customers face and also is experienced with providing such maid services.

We are all aware of how stressful the process of keeping a housemaid in Abu Dhabi could be. Confusing paperwork and all the risks associated with not knowing in advance the behavior of the particular maid. We at Al Amana understand this and we have specially implemented housemaid supply services to assist UAE residents with a stress free hiring process.
Clients do not have to worry about any paperwork, language barriers, training the maids etc. We already take care of all the required paperwork for Maid hiring like visas. Also we train the maids in the right way of delivering services. Most importantly you do no have to worry about security. We have staff from various nationalities. So you can select a maid from a nationality and language type you prefer. We will assist you throughout the process. Maids would perform all kinds of household services as per your pre-agreed work agreement. Only requirement is that the nature of work and hours of duty per day and the perks have to be agreed upon before commencing the works. Our continuous consultation and assistance is available throughout.

We are responsible for all the staff we supply as we hire only candidates after a proper background check. Also the client does not have to deal with finances directly with the maids, as we take care of all these matters. So be stress free. Al Amana is there to help you.

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